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Any Day Now

This in-depth and highly visual chronology charts the rise of one of the most formidable artists of our time, David Bowie, from his birth in London in 1947 to the height of his success in 1974 with the release of his album Diamond Dogs – and his departure from the UK.

Author Kevin Cann has worked on reissues of his back catalogue as well as anniversary releases. His role as a Bowie archivist for nearly twenty years has allowed him unprecedented access to extremely rare photographs and memorabilia which are combined with interviews with a hundred of Bowie’s friends and associates. Cann unravels many of the myths that have surrounded David’s early career in this encyclopedic reference that will fascinate any Bowie fan. Bowie’s manager (1967-1970), Ken Pitt, has contributed a foreword.

Rare images include:

  • Bowie at 13 (1960) outside the US Embassy with school-friend George Underwood, being presented with an American Football helmet and shoulder-pads.
  • Standing with friend in Tin-Pan Alley (Denmark Street),1965.
  • Modelling for a Carnaby Street fashion spread feature, still known as Davie Jones.
  • Bowie with one of his famous (tour) ambulance’s, 1966. (No photos of Bowie and ambulance have ever been published).
  • Colour photos of David posing with life-size models of The Beatles from Yellow Submarine, 1968.
  • Photos of Bowie at the Glastonbury Festival, 1971.
  • Signing to RCA Records in New York, September 1971.
  • Rare out-takes from album photo sessions.
  • Relaxing at home in Beckenham, Kent, dressed in his early Ziggy Stardust cover costume.
  • Bowie with Lou Reed backstage at the Rainbow Theatre, August 1972.
  • Original and previously unknown source imagery for early album covers The Man Who Sold The World, Hunky Dory, Aladdin Sane and Diamond Dogs.


Kevin Cann has worked as a designer and writer for the last 30 years and in 1983 wrote his first book, David Bowie A Chronology for Vermilion. In 1988 he co-authored Kate Bush A Visual Documentary with the late Sean Mayes. In 1994 he worked with Mick Ronson’s family to stage Mick Ronson’s Memorial concerts. Also in 1994, Kevin worked with David Bowie for the first time, the following year working as an assistant on his first solo art exhibition in Cork Street, London. In 1999 Kevin researched and co-ordinated the reissue of Bowie’s back catalogue with EMI (17 albums), and has contributed chronologies for various David Bowie 30th anniversary releases, including Ziggy Stardust and Diamond Dogs. He acted as consultant on Bowie’s and Mick Rock’s Genesis Publications book Moonage Daydream (2002) and Geoff MacCormack’s From Station To Station (2007). He has also worked with many musicians including Bill Nelson, Adam Ant and Brian Eno.


Any Day Now Ltd Edition - Fearnley

Any Day Now Ltd Edition

Any Day Now Any Day Now Any Day Now Any Day Now Any Day Now

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Title: ANY DAY NOW: David Bowie The London Years 1947-1974
Author: Kevin Cann
Market: Music, Photography, Art
Publication date: Nov 2010
Format: 280 x 230mm
Extent: 336pp
Colour: Four colour Binding: Paperback with flaps
Price: £24.99
Word count: 140,000
Images: 850+
ISBN: 978-0-9552017-7-6
Markets: World